Buying Black as a Form of Self-Care

Self-care is a concept that has been around for a while, but has become one that we hear about almost daily in the last few years. Self-care, simply put, is the action or actions one takes, on their own, in order to achieve and maintain physical and mental well-being. We are often urged to exercise and maintain healthy eating habits in order to achieve our best physical health, but traditionally, not as much is said about mental health.

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Our Top 7 Tequila Ideas for your Signature Drink

Frequent travel to Mexico has made us tequila lovers.  Well, some of us anyway. But there’s a story behind that and we promise to tell it to you some snowy night in front of  the fire.

A lot of our couples are afraid to incorporate tequila into their signature bar because of its distinct taste (or college memories), but we promise– these recipes will make a believer and lover out of the most discriminating tastes. Understanding that there are people that fall on both sides of the spectrum– those that love the taste of tequila and those… well, not so much, will help you find a happy medium between the two.

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Birthday Parties: Peyton’s Enchanted Garden

The theme for Peyton’s second birthday party came organically. She was born at only 6 months and had to endure the NICU and heart surgery – something a baby should never have to face. But because Peyton is a warrior, she’s prevailed and then some. She’s strong, and she’s bold, and naturally, her Enchanted Garden perfectly represented that truth.

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Styled Shoot: I Would Still Choose You

Black is not a color that is traditionally used in weddings, but Pamela Williams, of Pamela Williams Photography, did not shy away from using black in unexpected places for her first styled wedding shoot of the year. “The concept of this shoot was to be different. I wanted something very out of the ordinary,” she said. The color story for this shoot was black and red, with touches of gold. Right away, Pamela knew the couple that she wanted to be a part of this story. Alexis Thomas and Charles Bass III, had been married since May 2011, but had never had a wedding. What would be more perfect than giving them “wedding photos” that they would be able to cherish for their lifetime?

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Real Weddings: Tameka and Dwayne

In 2015, Tameka decided to surprise her mate, Dwayne, with a trip to the Dominican Republic commemorating his 40th birthday. But, unbeknownst to her, Dwayne’s birthday would not be the only cause for celebration. At the resort, Tameka arranged an intimate dinner for two on the beach. She and Dwayne followed a candlelit path along the sand to their table, where a mariachi band played a vibrant rendition of “Happy Birthday.” The two of them delighted in the experience, enjoying each other’s company.

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Purple and Magenta Corporate Elegance

When photographer Chip Dizard was presented with the opportunity to capture a company dinner, he didn’t realize the magnitude of what was in store. The company had a strict vision for the evening: something professional without being stuffy – something elegant without being boring. From the decor to the menu to the venue itself, there wasn’t a single box left unchecked.

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Therese Morrison’s Graduation Celebration

The term Black Girl Magic is used to celebrate the beauty, power, resilience and accomplishments of Black women and Dr. Therese Morrison found a way to do just that with her Black Girl Magic themed birthday and graduation celebration. However, disaster threatened to strike when the dress that she ordered to reflect her theme, was a total fail. Luckily, five days before the event, she found the perfect dress! It was an off the shoulder, rose gold sequined dress that seamlessly complimented the white and metallic color palette of the event. “There’s nothing more magical than a little sequin and lots of sparkle, to evoke a whimsical feeling for the guests, and I believe it did just that,” she explained.

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Maven’s 3rd Birthday Party

If it’s possible for a person to be dubbed King of Birthdays, Maven Davis is currently wearing, protecting and absolutely owning the crown.  At only 3 years old, his birthday party aptly nicknamed “Maven’s LegoLand” was full of more excitement, adventure and toddler-sized bounce houses than you can imagine.

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Monique’s Masquerade Birthday Party

With an occupation like “Vice President of Entertainment,” one would expect Monique Sebastian to truly bring it for her fabulous 40th birthday celebration. The wife and mom, totally lived up to any expectations guests may have had for her extravagant masquerade themed bash. From the second partygoers hit the door they were greeted with an explosion of color, exquisite decor and of course mind blowing entertainment. “We went with aerialists, contortionists and stilt walkers. My guests were intrigued and entertained by the exotic vignettes at every turn. We were so detailed, we even selected the bronzed and buff models that served my signature cocktails,” Monique said. It wasn’t just the hired acts that thrilled guests.  The guest of honor’s son a.k.a. mini “Bruno Mars” (they really do resemble!) gave a surprise performance of some of the artist’s chart topping hits. “It was my biggest shock of the day! I was blown away by his detailed choreography and singing,” the proud mom said.

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All Things Rose Gold Inspired Bridal Shower

For Atalia’s Bridal Shower, K. Barner Events’ main objective was to go for that wow factor. The shower was a feminine and elegant affair for the 60 guests that gathered at the Liberty House Restaurant. When it comes to designing Bridal Showers, Kisha from K. Barner Events wants to leave guests saying, “If THIS was the shower, I cannot wait to see the wedding!”

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